Friday, 12 April 2013

Body found in ditch near Peterburough, foretold in prophecy?

Detectives are questioning a man on suspicion of murder after a body was found in a ditch in Peterborough.  A member of the public discovered the body by the A16 at Newborough on Saturday morning. A post-mortem examination confirmed the man died as a result of stab wounds. Detectives investigating the man's death are treating it as suspicious.  Last night, police arrested a 23-year-old man from Peterborough on suspicion of murder.  The victim was last seen at 2pm on Good Friday and reported missing at 10.40pm that day, just after his metallic, light blue Mondeo was discovered burnt-out near a farm in Yaxley at about 9pm.

'a shed in a garden, secret hatch, do not let another in a ditch, find here the evil wooden cottage near 23 mile from Peterborough' 
Prophecy 8(v)
Extract from Book of Prophecies (Published Jan 2012)

This prophecy clearly identifies about bodies (plural) being found in a ditch near Peterborough, although not mentioned in the original news reports, other bodies have been found totaling 3 bodies in two ditches in Peterborough and the police are investigating possible links to similar crimes in Hereford.  You can read more on the news story on the BBC news

Friday, 14 December 2012

Alois Irlmaier's World War 3 propecy

Alois Irlmaier was born in Bavaria in 1894 and was said to have made a number of very accurate predictions during World War 2 about locations of bombings and locations of missing persons.  However he was charged with 'unauthorized practice for clairvoyance for consideration' in 1947 but was acquitted after a demonstration of his techniques.  However because of his supposed links to clairvoyance I have refused to include him on the Official Prophet list.  He died in July 1959.

Here is what Alois Irlmaier said about World War 3;

Everything calls peace. Shalom! Then it will occur -- a new Middle East war suddenly flares up, big naval forces are facing hostility in the Mediterranean -- the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkans: I see a 'large one' falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him --then impact is on impact. Two men kill a third high-ranked. They were paid by other people. One of the murderers is a small black man, the other a little bit taller, with bright-colored hair. I think it will be at the Balkans, but I cannot say it exactly.
After the murder of the third it starts overnight. I see quite clearly three numbers, two eights and a nine. But I cannot say what it means and cannot state a time. The war begins at sunrise. He comes along very rapidly. The farmers sit in the pub playing cards, when the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors. Quite black, an army comes from the east, but however everything occurs very rapidly. I see a three, but I do not know if it means three days or three weeks.
Massed units march from the East into Belgrade and moved forward into Italy. Thereafter three armored wedges immediately advance with lightening speed in the north of the Danube over West Germany towards the Rhine ñ without preliminary warning. This will occur so unexpectedly that the population flees full of panic to the west. Many cars clog the roads ñ if they had stayed at home or not used the main streets. Everything, which will be an obstacle for the rapidly advancing tanks on high-speed motorways and other fast motorways, will be down-rolled. I cannot see the Danube bridges above Regensburg anymore. Hardly anything remains of the big city Frankfurt. The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air.
I see three spearheads coming. The Russian does not stop anywhere, while running in his three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhr-district, where the many furnaces and fireplaces are. Day and night the Russians run, inexorably their target is the Ruhr-district.
Immediately the revenge comes from across the large water. However the yellow dragon invades in Alaska and Canada at the same time. But he comes not far. 
And then it rains a yellow dust in a line. When the golden city is destroyed, it begins. Like a yellow line it goes up to the city in the bay. It will be a clear night, when they begin to throw it. The tanks are still driving, but those who sit in theses tanks become quite black. Where it falls down, everything will become quite dead, no tree, no bush, no cattle, no grass, this becomes withered and black. The houses still exist. I don't know what it is and so I cannot tell it. It is a long line. Who goes over this line, dies. Then everything in the spearheads breaks down. Nobody will come back anymore.

The airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea. Thus a death strip is created, straight from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as wide as half of Bavaria. In this zone no grass can grow let alone humans live. The Russian supply is interrupted. 
From the east there are many caterpillars. But in the caterpillars everybody is already dead, although the vehicles keep rolling on, in order to gradually stop automatic. At the Rhine the attack is finally repelled. From the three spearheads no soldier will come home anymore.
The pilots throw off their small black boxes. They do explode, before they touch the soil, and spread a yellow or green smoke or dust. What comes into contact with this becomes dead, whether it is human, animal or plant. For one year no organism is allowed to enter this area, otherwise it will expose itself to the largest mortal danger. These boxes are satanic. When they explode, a yellow or green dust or smoke arises, everything that comes in contact to it, is dead. The humans becomes quite black and the meat falls off their bones, so sharply is the poison. nobody from these three armies will come home anymore.
Then I see someone flying, coming from the east, who drops something into the large water, so that something strange will happen. The water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down, then everything is inundated. The whole action will not last long, I see three lines - three days, three weeks, three months, I don't know exactly but it wonít last long. 

And then: 
There is an earthquake. The southern part of England slips into the water. One part . . . disappears, when the thing falls into the sea. The countries at the sea are endangered of the water heavily, the waves go high as a house; it foams, as if it would boil. Islands disappear. A part of the proud island sinks, if the thing falls into the sea, which the pilot drops. Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. What this thing is, I do not know. When it comes, I do not know.
During the war the big darkness comes, which last 72 hours. It will become dark at a day during the war. Then a hail impact, consisting of lightening and thunder, breaks out and an earthquake vibrates the earth. Please do not go out of the house at this time. The lights do not burn, except candle light, the current stops. Who inhales the dust, gets a cramp and dies. Do not open the windows, cover it completely with black paper. "Outside the death by dust goes around, many humans die. After 72 hours everything is over. But again: Do not go out of the house, do not look out of the windows, and keep the candle light burning. And pray. Overnight there will die more humans than in the two world wars before.

Do not open the windows during the 72 hours. The cattle falls, the grass becomes yellow and dry, the humans will become quite yellow and black. The wind drives the clouds of death off to the east.
The city with the iron tower (Paris?) becomes the victim of its own people. They ignite everything. Revolution is, and everything is going wildly.
The large city with the iron tower is on fire. But this has been done by its own people, not by those who came from the east. And in Italy it is going wildly too. They kill many people there and the Pope flees, but many clergymen will be killed, many churches collapse.
In Russia a revolution breaks out and a civil war. The corpses are so much that you cannot remove them off the roads anymore. The large ones among the party leaders commit suicide and in the blood the great guilty is washed off. I see a red mass mixed with yellow faces, it is a general riot and horrible killing.
The cross comes to honours anew. The Russian people believe in God anew. They sing the Easter song and burn candles in front of sacred pictures. By the prayers of Christianity the monster from hell dies; also the young people believe anew in the intercession of the God's mother.
If everything is over, a part of the inhabitants have died, and the people are frightened of God anew.
The laws, which bring death to the children, become invalid. Then peace will be. A good time. The Pope, who had not to flee across the water for a long time, returns. When the flowers bloom in the meadows, he will return and mourn for his murdered brothers. After these events a long, lucky time comes. But the people have to begin there, where their grandfathers began. End!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Malachy the Irish prophet? (1094-1148)

Malachy (1094 - November 2, 1148) otherwise known as Mael Maedoc was born in Armagh, Ireland yet became known later in life as a prophet. While in Rome in 1139 he received a vision showing him all the Popes from his day to the end of time. According to these prophecies, only two Popes remaining after John Paul II.
St. Malachy was reported to have possessed the powers of levitation, healing, and clairvoyance. While on his way to the Vatican to assume the post of papal legate for Ireland, he fell into trance and saw a line of papal reigns stretching from the successor to Innocent II and extending through centuries to the last of the line, identified as Peter of Rome. Malachy assigned short descriptions in Latin to each pope when he committed his vision to paper. These mottoes usually refer to a family name, birthplace, coat-of-arms, or office held before election to the papacy. Some of the phrases are multiple prophecies, written with ingenious word play.
Through the centuries, his prophecies have turned out to be amazingly accurate, even prophesying the date of his death. In all, 112 popes and their characteristics are listed from 1143 to the alleged end of the world, or perhaps religion as we know it, when truth is inlay revealed about human creation and destiny.
Saint Malachy's final words were: "Rome, the seat of the Vatican, will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people."
Prophecy of the Popes is a list of 112 short phrases in Latin. They purport to describe each of the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few anti-popes), beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) and concluding with a pope described in the prophecy as "Peter the Roman", whose pontificate will end in the destruction of the city of Rome

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Why people struggle to understand Christianity...

  It is very hard for a non-Christian to understand why there is such a diverse set of beliefs between churches. It is true that in the past, non-believers would have simply reacted to contact by a Christian, but in today's society people are ever more knowledgeable about the world and religion. Leading many non-believers to have formed impressions about certain religions based upon TV and the internet, and it does not matter whether the information is true or not. A non-christian can clearly and easily notice differences between Catholics, born-again Christians, Mormons and others. Would you not agree that to a non-believer, that they would see the diversity of belief as justification to think that no-one knows exactly what to believe? So if non-believers think that no-one really knows what to believe, then it only confirms to him that they should not bother to believe anything.

The truth is simply hidden from all non-believers behind a mask of religion and that we as believers are fully to blame for it. Believers will obviously know and understand that Christianity is all about a personal relationship between the individual and God, a path to give your life to Him, and to improve yourself and do the best you can with your life. Sure there is a lot of other stuff; like attending church, reading the Bible, praying and lots more, but essentially the most basic belief is all about that relationship between a person and God.
Yet if that very relationship was explained to to non-believers; they would clearly see that because every human is different, they could conclude that every relationship with God is unique, and therefore that would help to explain to them about the differences that they see in Christianity, such as Methodist churches, Presbyterian churches and Pentecostal churches. Christian individuals normally join a church which suits their own personal relationship with God, which will more than likely include people with similar relationships and beliefs.

As you may know I was brought up within born-again churches, and I think that I would not be unfair in saying that fellow believers, either excluded other churches from being within the one-true-path (such as Catholics) or simply didn't know which Church did or did not fall within the requirements of being part of the one-true-path. It is one of those grey areas of Christianity that is very rarely talked about, except by non-believers because such things of squabbling between churches only confuses things more. But once again we are back to talking about impressions, we all have our own impressions about religion and about groups of religious people. Our impressions are not always true!

But I would like you forget your impressions for a while, and consider this question; Does a relationship begin only when a person starts to believe in God? Indeed it is not a question that I had ever heard before, yet I believe that it is vital to consider it. Think about it for a second, God knew about you and your whole life before you were ever born (that's what the Bible says). Therefore would it not be right to assume that there was a relationship before you became a believer. Sure this relationship might have consisted of you ignoring him for long lengths of time among other things, yet the relationship was still there. How else would he have guided you into believing in him; the relationship was only one sided perhaps, yet it was still there.

I think it is a very refreshing thought to understand that every human on this planet has a relationship with God, the thought alone can show you the potential of such a wonderful thing. I have heard it said many times from Christians, that non-believers need faith not to believe. To some extent I would agree but I think in many cases that non-believers just don't care and are simply too busy living their lives to think about it.

So what am I suggesting? I am suggesting that instead of preaching to people that they need to come to church and turn to God, that we teach them about their relationship with God. To tell them that even though their back has been turned away God, that he has been watching them for their whole life; that God has seen everything that they ever done, their wrongs and their rights, the failures and achievements. We need to teach that God has wanted to be there for them to help them through all of their problems. To explain to them that God wants to start afresh with them, that he is willing to forgive all their wrongdoings if they will walk with him in their lives, and accept him into their heart.

 There is no price for us to pay to earn forgiveness, because Jesus came to the world and took all our sins onto his shoulders and paid the price for us. That's right, he knew about all of your sins and about all of your future sins and paid the price for them, and all you have to do is accept the free gift and accept Jesus's sacrifice that he made for you.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Hildegard of Bingen & her prophecies

Saint Hildegard of Bingen, O.S.B. (German: Hildegard von Bingen; Latin: Hildegardis Bingensis) (1098 – 17 September 1179), also known as Saint Hildegard, and Sibyl of the Rhine, was a German writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess, visionary, and polymath.  Elected a magistra by her fellow nuns in 1136, she founded the monasteries of Rupertsberg in 1150 and Eibingen in 1165. One of her works as a composer, the Ordo Virtutum, is an early example of liturgical drama and arguably the oldest surviving morality play.
Hildegard says that she first saw "The Shade of the Living Light" at the age of three, and by the age of five she began to understand that she was experiencing visions.  She used the term 'visio' to this feature of her experience, and recognized that it was a gift that she could not explain to others. Hildegard explained that she saw all things in the light of God through the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.  Hildegard was hesitant to share her visions, confiding only to Jutta, who in turn told Volmar, Hildegard's tutor and, later, secretary.  Throughout her life, she continued to have many visions, and in 1141, at the age of 42, Hildegard received a vision she believed to be an instruction from God, to "write down that which you see and hear."

There are two significant prophecies, the first relates to the two witnesses (Henoch & Elias)...
God shows them the works of men as though they could see these with natural eyes. The two men are therefore, much wiser than all wise men put together. The same force which removed Henoch and Elias from the earth will bring them back in a storm wind at the time when the Antichrist will spread his false doctrine. As long as they will dwell amongst men they will always be refreshed after 40 days. They have the mission from God to resist the Antichrist and lead the erring back to the road of salvation. Both men, distinguished by age and stature, will speak to men: `This accursed one is sent by the devil in order to lead men into error. We have been preserved by God at a secreted place, where we did not experience the suffering of men. We are now sent by God in order to oppose. the heresy of this destroyer. Look, if we resemble you in stature and age.'And because the testimony of both shall agree they will be believed. All will follow these two aged men and renounce heresy. They will visit all cities and towns where previously the Antichrist had sown his heresy, and through the power of the Holy Ghost will work genuine miracles. All the people will be greatly astonished at them. Henoch and Elias will. confuse the followers of Satan with thunder strokes, and destroy. them and fortify the Christians in faith. Therefore, the. Christians will hurry to martyrdom, which the son of evil will. prepare for them like to a banquet, so that the murderers will. grow tired of counting the dead on account of their great. numbers; for their blood will run like rivers. Henoch and Elias have been taught much wisdom and knowledge. in Paradise while awaiting their return to earth. God will. instruct them every forty days while they are on earth. They. will receive exceptional graces and powers from God to use. against Antichrist. / Enoch and Elias will be instructed by God in a most secret manner in paradise. God reveals to them the actions and condition of men that they may regard them with the eyes of compassion. Because of this special preparation, these two holy men are more wise than all the wise men on the earth taken together. God will give them the task of opposing Antichrist and of bringing back those who have strayed from the way of salvation. Both of these men will say to people:This accursed one has been sent by the devil to lead men astray and into error; we have been preserved by God in a hidden place where we did not experience the sorrows of men but God has now sent us to combat the heresy of this son of perdition. They will go into all cities and villages where previously Antichrist had broadcasted his heresies and by the power of the Holy Spirit will perform wonderful miracles so that all nations will greatly marvel at them. This as to a wedding feast, Christians will hasten to death by martyrdom which the son of perdition will have prepared for them in such numbers that those murderers will be unable even to count the slain, then the blood of these martyrs will fill the rivers

The second important prophecy is about the Antichrist...
He will be raised at different secret places and will be kept in seclusion until full grown. When he has grown to full manhood he will publicly announce a hostile doctrine on religion. He will lure and attract the people to himself by granting them complete exemption from the observance of all divine and ecclesiastical. commandments, by forgiving them their sins and requiring of them only their belief in his divinity. He will spurn and reject baptism and the gospel. He will open his mouth to preach contradiction. He will say, `Jesus of Nazareth is not the son of. God, only a deceiver who gave himself out as God; and the Church instituted by him is only superstition'. The true Christ has come in his person. He will say, `I am the Saviour of the. world'. Especially will he try to convince the Jews that he is the Messiah sent by God, and the Jews will accept him as such. His doctrine of faith will be taken from the Jewish religion and seemingly will not differ much from the fundamental doctrine of Christianity for he will teach that there is one God who created the world, who is omniscient and knows the thoughts of man and is just, who rewards the obeyers of his commands and the trespassers he chastises, who raises all from the dead in due time. This God has spoken through Moses and the Prophets, therefore the precepts of the Mosaic laws are to be kept, especially circumcision and keeping the Sabbath, yet by his moral laws he will try to reverse all order on earth. Therefore he is called in Holy Writ the `Lawless One'. He will think that he can change time and laws. He will discard all laws, morals and religious principles, to draw the world to himself. He will grant entire freedom from the commandments of God and the Church and permit everyone to live as his passions dictate. By doing so he hopes to be acknowledged by the people as deliverer from the yoke, and as the cause of prosperity in the world. Religion he will endeavor to make convenient. He will say that you need not fast and embitter your life by renunciation, as the people of former times did when they had no sense of God's goodness. It will suffice to love God. He. will let the people feast to their heart's content so that they will pity the unfortunate people of former centuries. He will preach free love and tear asunder family ties. He will scorn everything holy, and he will ridicule all graces of the Church with devilish mockery. He will condemn humility and foster proud and gruesome dogmas. He will tear down that which God has taught in the Old and New Testament and maintain sin and vice are not sin and vice. Briefly he will declare the road to Hell is the way to Heaven.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Neil Armstrong death foretold in prophecy?

Prophecy 5(xi) from Book of Prophecies

I see a sea which is red, and I lie floating on the sea looking up at the night sky
as the moon reaches eleven,
three stars appear,
one ahead of the other two

Neil Armstrong died on the 25th August 2012 at the age of 82.  As a veteran of 78 missions in Korea, he was eventually chosen as the commander of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 (see 2nd line of prophecy above), and he went into space with his crew-mates Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin who would later all become famous as being the first people to step foot on the moon, yet Armstrong was always the most famous as he was the iconic person who said the famous words 'one small step for man...' (see 3rd and 4th lines of prophecy above).
On Friday the fourteenth of September Neil Armstrong was laid to rest at Sea under an American flag (see 1st line of prophecy).